Real Estate

We are here to assist you with all aspects of the purchase, sale, financing or leasing of real estate.

We handle all kinds of transactions, including:

  • Residential purchases, sales and refinancing.
  • Commercial, agricultural and industrial real estate purchases, sales and refinancing.
  • Commercial and industrial leasing for both landlords and tenants, including lease contract drafting and reviews.
  • Assisting home builders and developers from initial acquisition of raw land to the construction and sale to the public.
  • Registration and discharge of instruments at the Alberta Land Titles Offices.
  • Transmission or Transfer upon death.

Contact one of us to see how we can assist you.


Douglas E. Ritzen
780-460-2900 Ext. 223

Mark M. Olivieri
780-460-2900 Ext. 226

Sean M. Warshawski
780-460-2900 Ext. 236

Lorene Robillard
Real Estate Sales & Builders Support
780-460-2900 Ext. 228
Direct Fax: 780-669-7642

Jan Facette
Real Estate Purchases, Mortgages & Refinancing Support
780-460-2900 Ext. 235
Direct Fax: 780-669-7626